Philosophy and Curriculum

 Early Childhood Program Philosophy and Curriculum

We believe that children learn best in an environment where their interests and opinions are supported, their solutions to problems are encouraged, and active learning through play is valued. Our philosophy emphasizes respect for self, others, and the classroom environment. Our curriculum is implemented using teacher observation and documentation to plan theme-based, developmentally appropriate experiences where children can explore, experiment, play and ask questions. 

CRECs Early Childhood Program curriculum has its base in developmentally appropriate practice and uses the State of Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) as a guideline for curriculum development. The CT ELDS are learning and developmental outcomes to be intentionally addressed through planned experiences, materials, and interactions. Learning outcomes are achieved through:

  • a variety of hands-on discovery activities and materials on a daily basis that support learning goals

  • responsive teaching staff who meet the individual needs of the children and families we serve

  • reflective practices that create an environment of inclusion and honor diversity

  • partnership with families that fosters strong reciprocal relationships and achieves mutually desired goals